finally a bandaid product for me

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I never realised you could be in love with a shoe until I went on the Chie Mihara website. (x)

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Weiss Schnee

This took way too long! hope details don’t go unnoticed (゚´Д`゚)゚

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How To Train Your Humans

Give me a goddamn cup of coffee you shitty sunnuva fuckbasket.


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Beautiful Merman!Haru

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The struggle is real.

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  • Jaune: Oh my god we're surrounded.
  • Nora: Those poor bastards.


PSA if you send me nice messages and i don’t respond

there is a 100% chance i saw it and it made me super duper uber happy but i have no idea how to respond and i will let it sit in my inbox for days or weeks and smile when i see it but still have no idea how to respond 

there is a 0% chance that you annoyed me and i don’t like you. 

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Characters That Constantly Break My Heart | Axel (Kingdom Hearts 2)

"You see, Axel’s no longer acting in our best interest."
"Like I care."

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